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Welcome to Ernest Thompson Cabinets – Albuquerque & Santa Fe NM

From famed furniture designer Ernest Thompson, comes a new company dedicated to combining modern design, with old-fashioned craftsmanship and quality, Ernest Thompson Cabinets! If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in which you want cabinetry, we can custom make you cabinets designed to your exact specifications, and install them quickly and effectively. So when you’re planning your next renovation, choose to the best name in cabinets – Ernest Thompson Cabinets!

About Us

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Starting in the early 2000's, Ernest Thompson began taking the craftsmanship and design techniques that became synonymous with their furniture and applying it to cabinetry. Today, Ernest Thompson Cabinets continues that practice, by creating visually stunning, expertly crafted cabinets. With such a dedication to furniture-quality craftsmanship, you can be sure that we can handle your project, whether your are looking to re-do your kitchen cabinetry, island, bathroom cabinets, media room built-ins, outdoor kitchen, bar, or office. So if you are in the market for new cabinetry, the choice is clear - Ernest Thompson Cabinets!

What We Do

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At Ernest Thompson Cabinets, our goal is simple: create and install visually stunning, quality cabinetry designed to last the test of time. We accomplish this through innovative designs, as well as ensuring that our cabinets are built only with the finest quality materials. Whether you want a traditional motif, or a contemporary style, we can craft cabinets that will beautifully harmonize with your existing design. In addition to our custom pieces, you can also choose from our available standard designs. If you would like us to start planning your new cabinets, contact us today so we can start creating your new cabinets!

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No room brings people together quite like the kitchen. One way or another, it seems like people always manage to gravitate, and congregate, inside of the kitchen. In being such a hub of activity, a kitchen's design is one of the most important aspects of a home, and cabinetry plays no small part in that design. At Ernest Thompson Cabinets, we want your cabinets to be a true focal point of your kitchen, and we accomplish this through our gorgeous design and impeccable quality. When you choose us to design your cabinets, we will take the dimensions of your kitchen and design cabinets made to your exact specification. Whether you want glass fronts, minimalist handles, or traditional patterns, we won't be satisfied until your cabinets are just the way you want them. With cabinetry from Ernest Thompson Cabinets, your kitchen will be sure to impress all who are inside it!





Just as essential to a home's design as the kitchen, so too are the bathrooms. They are a space which almost anyone who comes to your home will see, so you want to ensure that your bathrooms look their best, and one of the best ways this is accomplished is through their cabinetry. With custom cabinetry from Ernest Thompson Cabinets, you can transform your bathrooms forgettable, to a true work of art. Not only will your cabinets be engaging, but with Ernest Thompson's commitment to quality, they will also be durable, as well. When you choose Ernest Thompson for your bathroom remodel, we will consult you on your design wishes, so your cabinets will be exactly to your specifications. If you would rather choose from some of our existing designs, however, we have several to choose from that will be sure to match the theme of any home. So if you are looking to update your bathroom's cabinetry, contact the design experts at Ernest Thompson Cabinets today!